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We are fully licensed and insured with the Registrar of Contractors ROC # 296972 and the Office of Pest Management OPM # 9492 so you can feel as confident in our training and knowledge as we do!

Are We The Right Company For You?

When it comes to landscape companies, there is generally a plethora to choose from. But how do you know if the company that you are asking for will be the right fit for you? In this article, we are going to cover some of the things that you should think about as you begin the landscape dating process.  


We strive to be a professional landscape company. We have high standards for our office staff and our crew members. We perform a background check & drug test for every employee. We also want to enjoy being around our employees. We want you to be comfortable with us because we are on your personal property. Moreover, we want our interactions with you to be personal, enjoyable and leave you better off than before. If you want these things, then we may be the right company for you.  

Hourly Pay Structure  

At Guardian Landscape our maintenance rate is structured hourly. For our client base, the primary benefit to an hourly rate is, as the amount of time on your property ebbs & flows, we are flexible to accommodate your needs. This brings a sense of transparency because you pay only for the time we are on your property. If an hourly pay structure works for you, then we might be the right company for you.  


Head over to the pricing page to learn our current rates. If the cost of maintenance is the primary driving factor for your choice, then we can quickly tell you that we might not be the right company for you. For our clients, cost is not the primary driving factor. Instead, they want professionalism, expertise, communication, and a relationship. If cost isn’t your primary concern, then we might be the right company for you.  

Can You Produce  

From the outset, if you are looking for a landscaper, then you want to know that they can carry out the work you want. One tip for researching a landscaper’s work includes looking at properties they maintain. A second tip is to speak with the clients who employ the companies you are researching. We believe that if you inspect our properties, and speak with our clients, then you will have confidence in our ability to care for your property. If you find our work excellent and our clients raving about us, then we might be the right company for you. 

Great Communication 

One of the biggest frustrations with contractors is their lack of communication. At Guardian Landscape, we strive to be awesome at communicating with our clients. We want our clients to know that whatever their landscape needs are, they can easily & quickly contact us. Additionally, our clients want the confidence that their issue is taken care of promptly & correctly. If these things are important to you, then we might be the right company for you.  

Do It Right The First Time   

It sound cliché, but we do projects the same way that we would do projects at our own home. We are not interested in cutting corners for money or time because we want our work to reflect our desire to “do it right the first time.” When we do pavers & artificial turf, we do extensive base work because they will last nearly forever. When we do drainage work, we want the project to move water properly for years to come. If “doing it right the first time” is important to you, then we might be the right company for you.  

That Is A Wrap  

Thank you for reading this information. We trust that it helped you narrow down what you are looking for in a landscape company. We trust that you are better equipped to do your due diligence and find the company & services you need. Please call our office if you have questions about anything that we have mentioned and have a great day!