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Arizona Cypress

Arizona Cypress  

Brief Description 

The Arizona Cypress is a thick, compact tree that is great as a barrier. Many of our clients use this tree for privacy, as you cannot see through them, and the foliage grows from the ground-up. This tree can be planted in tighter places due to its compactness and grows up to 50 feet tall and up to 30 feet wide.   


 Southwest United States & Mexico 


Common Name – Arizona Cypress 

Botanical Name – Cupressus Arizonica 

Plant Type – Evergreen 

Mature Size – up to 50 feet tall & up to 30 feet wide 

Sun Exposure – Full Sun 

Hardiness Zone – 7 to 9 


The most important part of planting an Arizona Cypress is putting it in a location that it can grow into because of its large size. If you’re using multiple of these trees as hedges, plant them 10 feet apart and they’ll grow together nicely. Don’t forget to install tree stakes because this will support the tree during infancy. After a couple years it’ll be established enough to remove the stakes. 


One thing we love about the Arizona Cypress is that it’s very easy to care for. It essentially needs no pruning, except for any ‘wild hairs’ you see. As the tree ages, move the emitters away from the trunk and out to the edge of the canopy. This will force the roots to grow out, which will strengthen it as well as help it be more drought tolerant. And last but not least, enjoy it!


There are many cypress varieties and they each have their own use case, so do the proper research to find what’s best for your landscape. 


This tree is not invasive. 

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