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Drainage 101

If you have been around the block a time-or-two, then you’ve heard the saying, “What goes up must come down?” This saying is simply a way to describe the truths of gravity. When it comes to our topic of drainage, gravity plays a very important role. Water generally moves from an area of higher elevation to lower elevation, through the path of least resistance. And in Greater Prescott, there are a significant number of factors that pose homeowners challenges. We will walk through a few of the most common drainage issues, along with our recommendation for repairing them. 

Rain Gutters 

One common drainage issue in Greater Prescott is rain-gutter down-spouts that discharge water toward the house, in fact the purpose of down-spouts is to discharge water away from the house. One way to eliminate this problem is to attach a drain pipe directly to the downspout. From there, the pipe will run under ground and be diverted to a more appropriate location, such as a curd along a roadway or a wash area. If the drain pipe being visible where it attaches to the downspout is a little too unsightly for you, then we would recommend installing a catch basin underneath the rain gutter. From the catch basin we can attach a drain pipe and divert the water to a more appropriate location. In theory, this is a simple process. However, moving water to a safe location can be challenging, especially where space is limited, elevation changes occur and there are things in the way.  

Pacific Ocean 

Another common drainage issue in Greater Prescott is standing water in your yard. After a solid rain, your yard looks like the Pacific Ocean. One way to drain the Pacific Ocean is installing a catch basin in the low spot, tying it into a drain pipe, and diverting the water to a more appropriate location. The second way is to dig a trench from the low point so that it is no longer the low point 😊 The trench will run with a grade down toward another location in the yard, where it can drain out in a spot that makes more sense. Enhance the look of the trench by adding landscape fabric and stacked rocks (rip rap) to create a dry creek bed effect during times when we aren’t getting a lot of rain or snow.  

Crawl Space or Basement  

A third common drainage issue in Greater Prescott is water seeping into the crawl space or basement. We recommend a couple options depending on the application. First, the grade of the soil may be toward the house. Therefore, re-grading that area should get water away from the house. In the Prescott area, there are plenty of times when this option is not practical.  A second, and more common option, is installing a perimeter drainage system. Step 1 to doing this is to dig down to the footer of the home and power wash off all debris and dirt, so the surface of the foundation is clen. Secondly, we plug any large holes with hydraulic cement. Once the hydraulic cement is dry, then add we add the first water proofing coat of Master Seal 581.  We then allow that to dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat. Once the Master Seal 581 is completely dry, we install French drain pipe that is directly against the foundation, where water leaches into the pipe, then the pipe diverts the water to a more appropriate location.   

Final Analysis 

In the final analysis, every drainage project is different and offers unique challenges. Many landscape companies shy away from drainage work because it can be difficult and doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. At Guardian Landscape, we love drainage projects. We believe that we are experts at diagnosing what the problem is, supplying a plan that will rectify the problem, and the crew necessary to carry out the required work. If you have drainage problems, then contact us today. Thank you for reading and have a great day!