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Drainage Solutions

Regardless of the extent of your landscape enhancement project, without proper drainage factored in, your valuable time and money will be wasted. We are the yard drainage specialists you need. Our team will always take the grade of your property and natural flow of rainwater into account when discussing your yard enhancement plans!

Our Pricing

  • Starting at $10,000
  • Sometimes over $20,000

Drainage 101

In our Drainage 101 article, you’ll walk away with the challenges of drainage issues, which will help you know where to begin finding a solution.

Ready to Install Drainage System?

The drainage specialists at Guardian Landscape are experts in the installation of interior perimeter drainage systems for commercial and residential properties. Our systems control moisture and humidity entering your crawl space.

Customer Reviews

Professional job done concerning my drainage issues.

Cindy Claus
Aug 6, 2021

My wife and I were very happy with your service and would recommend Guardian Landscape to anyone with similar home water drainage problems. We’d also like to note that Christian and the others of your staff that we met were very pleasant to work with – they were courteous, hard working and kept the worksite as clean as possible at all times.

Bill G.
Nov 26, 2019

We are Drainage Solutions Experts

Our drainage services include:

Sump pump installation

Since water will settle in the low points of a property or under a crawl space, often time water needs to be moved up hill. Sump pumps are the solution to this dilemma.

Basement and foundation sealing

Are you seeing water in your crawl space? We can help!

French Drains

There are many applications where French drains are effective drainage solutions, such along a foundation or along the edge of a driveway or sidewalk.

Catch Basins

Pin point specific areas of your property that tend to accumulate puddles by installing a catch basin and below-ground drain pipe system.

Ditches and swales

Drainage solutions can also be decorative, adding some natural beauty to your landscape design by creating the look of a river bed.

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    Yard Drainage

    Check out our video on drainage!

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