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Yard Maintenance & Clean-ups

We offer professional landscape service on your terms, as our yard maintenance is tailored to your needs. If you want weekly, every other week, monthly, every other month, or quarterly maintenance, then that’s what we offer. If your needs change, then no problem. We don’t have contracts; we have flexibility.

We also offer clean-ups and we’ll do everything from trimming, to blowing, to raking, to mowing and more. Some of our clean-ups are a few hours, and some last a few days, so whatever your needs are, we can help.

Our Pricing

Yard Maintenance

* 2 man hours on site = $295

* 4 man hours on site = $590

* 6 man hours on site = $770

* 8 man hours on site = $950

* Any dump fees and/or materials are also invoiced

Clean-Ups – Ballpark pricing is $1,200-$1,600 for half day and $2,000-$2,600 for full day. 

Landscape Professional

In our “Should You Hire A Landscape Professional” article, we cover what sets us apart. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Matt and his company have been managing my property for the last 10 years. I can say without hesitation they are the most consistent, dependable, conscientious group I’ve ever had work for me. If you’re looking for a company to just mow your grass, such companies are innumerous. If you want to enhance the equity of your property, Guardian Landscape is the company you are looking for. Consistent predictable and professional. I recommend them highly.

Doug Hawken

Great Yard Care & Maintenance Service Example

Mt. Vernon Prescott AZ

When I first met with this homeowner, he expressed to me that he wanted his lawn to be the best looking lawn on the block. I was able to be very straight forward with him as to what that would take, and how much it would cost, both in the monthly fees he would pay us, as well as the amount of water it would take to do so.

We certainly know how to make a lawn look great, but we need the homeowner to buy in to the process and investment it will take. This client was 100% on board with us, and it has been a great working relationship ever since. We have had the pleasure of monitoring his irrigation system and making necessary repairs, tweaks, and adjustments on a weekly basis, as well as monitoring the irrigation timer during the ever changing watering needs of each new season. We have cared for all the shrubs and trees on the property, from winter pruning of roses and fruit trees, to weekly or monthly trimmings to contain each plant as the client desires. For lawn maintenance, we mow weekly during the growing season, fertilize quarterly, aerate in the fall and de-thatch in the spring. It has been such a joy to care for this property, as the homeowner has trusted not only our expertise in the industry, but also the character of each and every one of our crew members to watch over the entire property, not just manage the landscape. We have always kept a great line of communication open. This has been a great relationship for both parties involved.

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    Our Yard Cleanup & Maintenance Programs

    Quarterly / Montly

    Your yard care needs are unique and our flexible scheduling is geared to fulfill your specific yard maintenance requirements. We will craft a program that is perfect for your needs.


    We offer all types of single need landscaping services, from creating fire safe spaces to bulk cleanups for selling your home or just getting ready for the winter.

    Our Maintenance Services include:

    • Irrigation Repair Services
    • Irrigation Maintenance Packages
    • Weekly Lawn Care
    • Monthly Maintenance,  Semi Monthly Maintenance, or Quarterly Maintenance
    • Annual Cleanups or Semi Annual Cleanups
    • Tree Trimming
    • Pruning
    • Lawn Aeration
    • Lawn De-thatching
    • Leaf and Debris Cleanup
    • Fertilizing
    • Plant Health and Pest Management
    • Certified Applicator for Turf and Ornamental Pest and Fungus Management
    • Weed Control Services

    Ready for Your Yard Cleanup?

    If you’re interested in one-time clean-ups, this could be anything from Firewise, to brush removal, to bulk clean-up, etc. For our one-time clean-ups we offer a half day rate starting at $1,100 and full day rate starting at $1,900.

    More Exceptional Services We Offer

    Irrigation Repair

    Your irrigation system is the life-blood of your yard. No water = no plants.

    Weed Abatement

    Pre-emergent has one goal: to stop seeds from germinating.

    Artificial Turf

    Not having any luck establishing a nice green lawn? Get artificial turf.

    Ponds & Water Features

    Make it a point to get a beautiful pond installed to enhance your yard.