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Modesto Ash

Modesto Ash 

Brief Description 

The Modesto Ash comes from the family line of the Arizona Ash. In the fall the leaves change from bright green to a beautiful golden-yellow. This tree thrives in Greater Prescott and is a great tree to consider for your landscape. One nice characteristic is that because this tree is ‘male,’ it doesn’t drop seeds, which means you won’t need to clean up seed pods every fall. 


Southwestern United States 


Common Name – Modesto Ash 

Botanical Name – Fraxinus Velutina

Plant Type – Deciduous 

Mature Size –  up to 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide

Sun Exposure – Full Sun 

Hardiness Zone – 6 to 10 


Planting this tree is no different than planting most other trees. Make sure you find a location with plenty of room because it’s going to grow fairly large. You’ll want to keep roots away from structures so that they don’t damage anything.  Keep the root ball moist during infancy. We recommend securing the tree to tree stakes so that in the event of high winds, the tree remains upright & healthy. 


Once the tree is established, but back the amount of water it receives. Additionally, move the emitters away from the tree trunk, as this will encourage the roots to grow out and away, thus strengthening the tree and helping make it drought tolerant. Since this tree is fast growing, make sure and thin it out during winter. This will help keep it healthy and have a pleasant appearance. 


There are no other varieties of Modesto Ash trees. However, there are other Ash trees that we recommend. 


This tree is not invasive. 


For other shrubs that are perfectly suited for Greater Prescott, read about the Raywood Ash here.

Lastly, we highly recommend Watter’s Garden Center, Mortimer Nursery, or Prescott Valley Nursery as great places to both purchase shrubs & trees but to also ask questions because these are the experts.