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Guardian Landscape Pricing

Thank You For Your Interest

Thank you very much for contacting us about your landscape project. As a homeowner, you are eager to have your project completed, but before that, you need lots of information. Our goal is to provide you with general, ballpark prices for our most requested project items. Find the one(s) you are looking for, run some calculations, and you will have the ballpark pricing you need. Please call our office is your project isn’t listed. 


Artificial turf

Starting between $25-30 per square foot, installed. Artificial turf projects are never less than $5,000 and usually more than $10,000. You can find it much cheaper, but by no means are all turf installs created equally. (BASE WORK and SEEMING ARE KEY!) 


Call the office to schedule our estimator to meet with you and discuss your clean-up needs


Starting around $5,000 for basic drainage work and usually more than $10,000. It is not uncommon to be in the $20,000-25,000 range for drainage jobs, especially if we are needing to seal a portion of your foundation to prevent water from getting into a basement or crawl space  

Drip System

Starting between $4,000-$6,000 for yards that do not have a large number of plants  


  • Chain Link – about $60-$80 per linear foot, installed, depending on exact fencing chosen and the layout required (fence height, galvanized or coated (colored) fence, how many breaks in the fence for gates and angle changes, etc.) 
  • Wrought Iron – About $140-150 per linear foot, installed
  • Wood fencing – About $130-$170 per foot, installed    


Starting at $5,000 for gravel & landscape fabric and the cost increases based on the size of the yard  

Irrigation Repair

Irrigation Service Calls costs $190 for the first 30 minutes (material is billed additionally) and $115 per hour afterwards 


Starting between $30-$40 per square foot installed. Paver projects are never less than $5,000 and usually more than $10,000. Like Artificial Turf, not all paver jobs are created equally. BASE WORK IS KEY! 90% of paver quotes you get will not have the extensive base work process that we utilize at Guardian Landscape. With all that said, if a paver quote is your first interaction with us, you will likely go with a different quote. People who have an established relationship with us are usually the ones who trust our processes and our integrity enough to pay 3 times the amount of other paver quotes. MOST OF THE PAVER JOBS WE GET ARE PAVER REPAIRS FROM PROJECTS THAT HAVE FAILED! People tend to see the value of our paver installations much more clearly AFTER they have a failed paver job  

Planting Service

* 2 man hours on site = $400

* 4 man hours on site = $700

* 6 man hours on site = $975

* 8 man hours on site = $1,200

* Any dump fees and/or materials are also invoiced

Many of our clients select their own plants from Watter’s Garden Center, and pay for them. At that point, you can choose if you want them delivered or we can pick them up


Service Calls start at $260 for the first hour and $120 per hour afterwards. New installations tarting at $10,000  


Starting at $2,000 without irrigation and increasing based on the size and irrigation needs   

Water Features

Service Calls start at $260 for the first hour and $120 per hour afterwards. New installations tarting at $10,000  

Weed Abatement

Starting at $750 for our 1 year package which is 6 visits every other month. The cost increases based on the size/terrain of your yard 

Yard Maintenance

**Half-Day Landscaping Maintenance Bliss**

   - Duration: Up to 4 hours on site, 2-man crew. 

   - Flat Rate: $950 

   - Ideal for: Regular upkeep, garden bed maintenance, hedge trimming, small-scale lawn care, or those timely touch-ups your property needs to maintain its allure. 

**Full-Day Landscaping Maintenance Retreat**

   - Duration: Up to 8 hours on site, 2-man crew 

   - Flat Rate: $1900 

   - Perfect for: Complete lawn care, extensive yard clean-ups, intricate detailing, or larger projects that require the full breadth of our landscaping expertise. 

**Service Outline** 

-Minor irrigation repair (Materials billed separately)  

– Lawn Mowing and Edging 

– Weeding  

– Hedge Trimming and Shaping 

– Tree Pruning (Anything reachable from the ground) 

– General Yard Clean-Up 

– Fertilization  

– Leaf and Debris Removal 

– Plant Health Inspection 


We can include “Add on services” in the event we complete the cleanup/maintenance before your paid time is up. We will only provide services at no charge for the remaining time you have left. Your tech will communicate with you and help you decide how to best utilize that time. Please choose 2-3 options that you are interested in.   

**Add-On Services** (Quoted upon request) 

– Mulching- Customer supplied Mulch 

– Seasonal Planting and Color Rotations- 15 Gal. Max, customer provided and on site. 

– Specialty Lawn Treatments- Dethatch/Aeration 

-Pressure washing  

***Prior to scheduling services, the customer is required to provide valid ACH or credit card information. The provided bank account/ credit card will not be charged until services are fully completed. By agreeing to these terms, the customer grants Guardian Landscape the authorization to charge the submitted bank account or credit card for the agreed services upon completion. **  

**The customer shall be responsible for any fees incurred as a result of insufficient funds in their bank account at the time of the charge for services rendered by Guardian Landscape. In addition to any bank-imposed insufficient funds fees, Guardian Landscape will assess a fee of $50 for each insufficient funds occurrence. Furthermore, a late fee of 2% of the outstanding balance will be applied monthly for each month that the balance remains unpaid.**