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Rock Rose

Rock Rose 

Brief Description 

The Rock Rose is best known for its beautiful flowers, which vibrantly bloom during Summer. While these are less known than other popular flowering shrubs, we would recommend the rock rose over lots of other shrubs. Their easy to care for, drought tolerant and hardy over winter makes them a no-brainer for your Greater Prescott landscape. 




Common Name – Rock Rose

Botanical Name – Cixtus 

Plant Type – Deciduous 

Mature Size –  3 to 5 feet tall & wide 

Sun Exposure – Full Sun 

Bloom Time – Summer 

Color – Pinks, Yellows, Whites 

Hardiness Zone – 6 to 10 


Planting is relatively easy. We recommend that you find an area where you’ll be seeing the shrub bloom. Due to its small stature, you’ll likely have numerous options. Don’t forget that this shrub does require full sun. As with all shrubs, add some potting soil to the hole because this generally has products that are healthy for infant shrubs. Make sure the root ball stays moist while the shrub gets established. 


Occasional, light pruning throughout the growing season is necessary to keep it in shape. Additionally, in spring, trim out any dead branches and thin it out a little, as this will give it a great start to the growing season. 


The flowers grow up to 1½ inches in size, are delicate appearing and ready to please your eyeballs throughout summer. Colors include pinks, yellows and whites. 


‘Orchid Rock Rose’ has vibrant pink flowers and grows 2 to 4 feet tall & wide. The ‘White Rock Rose’ has beautiful white flowers and grows 2 to 5 feet tall & wide. 


This plant is not invasive. 


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Lastly, we highly recommend Watter’s Garden Center, Mortimer Nursery, or Prescott Valley Nursery as great places to both purchase shrubs & trees but to also ask questions because these are the experts.