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Arizona Ash

Arizona Ash

Brief Description 

The Arizona Ash is very similar to its brother the Modesto Ash with slight variations. The leaves are a darker green, the bark is gray-ish, and the fall color is golden-yellow.  This tree thrives in Greater Prescott and is a great choice as long as you have plenty of room to accommodate its size. 


Southwestern United States 


Common Name – Arizona Ash 

Botanical Name – Fraxinus Velutina 

Plant Type – Deciduous 

Mature Size –  up to 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide 

Sun Exposure – Full Sun 

Hardiness Zone – 6 to 10 


The most important consideration for planting is utilizing a location that will accept it. Keeping it away from all structures is very important. As with any tree that you plant, make sure you use tree stakes because this will protect it during infancy. Additionally, make sure that you keep the tree moist during infancy or else the tree might die. 


Once the tree is established, reduce the amount of water that it receives. Also, move the emitters away from the base of the tree because this will help the roots grow out and help it become more drought tolerant. Any time you see dead branches, cut them out. Every winter thin out the canopy, as this will encourage healthy new growth during the growing season. A yearly fertilization is an added bonus but not necessary. 


There are no Arizona Ash varieties, but there are other Ash varieties, like the Modesto Ash and Raywood Ash, which are great trees as well. 


This tree is not invasive. 


For other shrubs that are perfectly suited for Greater Prescott, read about the Raywood Ash here.

Lastly, we highly recommend Watter’s Garden Center, Mortimer Nursery, or Prescott Valley Nursery as great places to both purchase shrubs & trees but to also ask questions because these are the experts.