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Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce 

Brief Description 

The Colorado Blue Spruce is an excellent choice because of its silver-blue-green color. Its shape is also pleasant, which adds to its desirability (it reminds us of s Christmas Tree). This tree requires a large space, as it grows up to 50 feet tall and it has a narrow spread of 20 feet. Additionally, this will offer a great contrast of color, shape and size to your existing landscape, as long as it’s planted in the correct location(s). Lastly, because it’s an evergreen, you get its silver-blue-green color year-round!


United States 


Common Name – Colorado Blue Spruce 

Botanical Name – Picea Pungens  

Plant Type – Evergreen 

Mature Size –  up to 50 feet tall and 20 feet wide 

Sun Exposure – Full Sun 

Hardiness Zone – 2 to 7 


Because of its size, we recommend planting this tree in an open area somewhat away from other trees and shrubs. This will give it plenty of room to grow without getting in the way of other things in the landscape. Always be sure to use tree stakes so that it’s supported during infancy. It needs a couple years with stakes before we’re confident that it can support itself. 


This tree is a set-it-and-forget-it type of tree. Besides moving the emitters to where the canopy extends to as the tree grows, and pruning the dead branches, there’s nothing that you need to do. Except for sit-back-and-relax because this tree is beautiful! 


This is the only variety. 


This tree is not invasive


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Lastly, we highly recommend Watter’s Garden Center, Mortimer Nursery, or Prescott Valley Nursery as great places to both purchase shrubs & trees but to also ask questions because these are the experts.