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Artificial Turf Installation

Not all artificial lawns are created equally. Guardian Landscape takes incredible pride in the base work process. Have you ever seen a synthetics grass area that looks wavy? This is likely due to poor (or no) base work.  Another detail that will make or break your synthetic grass install is in the seeming process. How each piece is tied together is a critical component to your long-term satisfaction with your artificial turf. Our process may take a little longer, however, your large investment will be remembered and lived with long after the money is gone! If you’re looking for long term quality, we’re here for you!

Artificial Turf benefits include 1) beautiful green ALL year long 2) low maintenance 3) no watering or mowing, and 4) great for children & pets. You will need to occasionally vacuum or blow off the grass, but this pales in comparison to the tens of hours required for real grass. 

Our Pricing

  • Between $25 & $35 per square foot
  • No less than $5,000

Artificial Turf 101

In our Artificial Turf 101 article, you’ll walk away with a basic understanding of our artificial turf process, which will help you select the right contractor for you.

Customer Reviews

The turf looks great they did a very good job. Their people were courteous and responsive to our requests . I would recommend Matt and his crew to anyone.

Ted Duncan
Feb 11, 2021

Christian, Mike and Niles are excellent representatives of Guardian Landscape. They were on time, dressed appropriately, worked hard, communicated with us and finished the job in record time. We will definitely use your services for future landscaping needs.
Deborah S.
Jun 12, 2020

Great Ways to Use Artificial Turf in Your Prescott Yard

Gone are the days of “Astro Turf”.  With modern technology, you have access to so many synthetic grass benefits, while still receiving a great looking product. Manufacturers take great pride in making synthetic grass look as close to real grass as possible. Synthetic grass is a great option for families on the go! Kids and pets can have a soft surface to play on, and there is no need for daily watering or weekly mowing. Synthetic grass also provides a little extra pizazz in the winter time, when real grass goes dormant and brown.

One downside of synthetic grass is that the surface gets very hot when in direct sunlight in the summer time. Consider planting trees or adding a shade sail  next to your artificial lawn to keep it cool.

Artificial turf can be used in numerous creative ways in your Prescott home’s yard, our lawn maintenance contractor will gladly show you all the ways artificial turf can be utilized including:

Between Pavers

Your lawn maintenance contractor can apply artificial turf to areas between brick or stone pavers to provide a vivid contrast against the hardscaping. Natural grass is difficult to maintain in these areas, but artificial turf doesn’t require much attention.

On a Balcony or Rooftop

Artificial turf is also used on balconies and rooftops so that residents in urban areas can enjoy the appearance of greenery without managing lawns.

Around a Pool

If your swimming pool overflows, the water can ruin the grass surrounding the pool and make your lawn muddy. By installing artificial turf around your pool, you’ll keep your grass green and prevent the accumulation of mud in and around your home.

Underneath Outdoor Furniture

Homeowners who spend a lot of time outside tend to have areas in their lawns with outdoor furniture. Placing artificial turf underneath your outdoor furniture is encouraged because artificial turf doesn’t require mowing, so you won’t have to move your furniture every time you mow your lawn.

Under Children's Outdoor Play Areas

Your lawn maintenance contractor may recommend using artificial turf if you have children because it can handle regular wear and tear better than natural grass. Consider placing artificial turf underneath your children’s playhouse, swing set, or trampoline.

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    How to Decide Between Live and Artificial Grass

    While grass had been around since the beginning of time, artificial turn hasn’t. Here are a few factors that will help you make a decision about which option is better for you.

    Cost of artificial turf

    There are a number of factors that affect the price to install artificial turf, but a good reference point to plan on is between $25 and $35 per square foot. for smaller areas under 300-400 square feet, artificial turf will usually cost no less than $5,000.
    In general the initial cost of artificial turf is about 2-3 times the amount of grass, so if affordability is your first priority, then sod may be a good decision. But don’t make your decision yet because there are other factors you need to think about.

    Lifetime cost of ownership

    Sod requires mowing, water, fertilizer, sprinkler repairs, etc., and over the course of time, these costs can be significant. Artificial turf requires no mowing, water, fertilizer, sprinkler repairs, etc., and over the course of time, should cost you basically nothing. One thing artificial turf does require is an occasional vacuum for leave and debris. So which lifetime cost of ownership option is better for you?


    Remember that aesthetics are subjective. Keep in mind that grass goes dormant over the winter (it hibernates like bears), so for a period of a few months your grass will be brown. And even when your grass is growing and green, the look will shift slightly based on the mower used, the fertilizer given, etc. Artificial turf will generally look the exact same, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year as it did the day you installed it. So if aesthetics are important to you, artificial turf may be a good decision.

     The effects on the environment

    Due to the nature of taking care of grass (mowing, watering, blowing, etc.), there’s a much higher impact on the environment. As for artificial turf, it doesn’t require being taken care of, however, its production necessitates an impact on the environment. If the environment is important to you, then grass may be a good decision for you.

    Still not sure if artificial turf is right for you and your residential or commercial property? Give the Prescott artificial turf pros here at Guardian Landscape a call so we can meet with you to discuss your option, as well as the pros and cons. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the quality yard care services that you should be able to expect.

    Ready to Install Artificial Turf?

    If you’re interested in adding artificial turf to your Prescott home’s landscaping, reach out to our landscapers at Guardian Landscape, a trusted landscaping company. No matter where you choose to place artificial turf, you’ll be able to experience all of the benefits it has to offer, including minimal maintenance and durability.

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